Safe Academy is the base of the driving pyramid. This is where it all starts, from the basic knowledge of what a vehicle can and cannot do, to the use of passive and active safety technology in your car.

  • Understand and experience the way your car reacts when you are in a panic situation.
  • Understand the braking and avoidance capabilities of your car.
  • Improve your safe driving skills with our experienced instructors

Safe Academy combines theory and actual exercises in your own car, allowing you to learn about the vehicle you drive every day.

The Safe Academy event includes:

  • Classroom education modules focusing on safe driving techniques, driver attitudes and crash avoidance.
  • In car educational modules with G-Force professional instructors practicing car control techniques in real time conditions.
  • So you know and practice accident avoidance in controlled conditions…

Safe Academy may save your life…

Safe Academy

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